1. New Thing-Dim
2. Fly High Michelle-The Millions
3. Baby Loves You-Best Of Seven/Guest Vox-Donnie Vie
4. Someday-Shawn Mars
5. There Goes My Heart-Crash Kelly
6. Heaven Or Hell-R50
7. Aint’s It Funny-Barely Pink
8. For Now-Reciever
9. I Could Never Be Without You-Willie Hines III
10. Day By Day-WWJLD?
11. Blue Island-Jim Crean/Phil Naro
12. One Step Closer-Zion James
13. Your Hearts No Good-The Rioteers
14. Freak-Seven Wishes
15. Long Way To Go (Live)-Frankenstein 3000
16. She Forgets-Donnie Vie (Unreleased demo)

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